Eye Candy by CODI
Circle with Diamond Cutout Courtney Wearing Starbust Flower Earrings
Courtney Wearing Circle with Diamond Cutout Starbusrt Earrings Courtney wearing Flower

What is Eye Candy by CODI?

The concept is this... Anything I come across that I WANT TO BUY FOR MYSELF, I am going to pass along the opportunity to you for a DISCOUNTED price. Being the buyer, I obviously buy everything at wholesale. Because this is a web-based business, my overhead is completely different. So, the mark-up will not be the same. I will be able to offer you amazing pieces of jewelry, accessories, and even clothing and more, for 25% - 50% less than retail. Who knows what I'll find!!! You will get a weekly email with "This Week's Eye Candy" where the product and the price will be featured. Some weeks there is a Second Serving of Eye Candy for those of you who thrive on retail therapy! If you want to purchase the Eye Candy, simply click on the "Totally in Love?!" pink rectangle button. The item will be added to your shopping cart where you will be able to enter your credit card and shipping (if necessary) information. You will also be able to specify quantities and which store you plan on picking up your Eye Candy purchase. You will be notified via email when your Eye Candy has arrived within 7-10 business days from the date of purchase. Allow 2 weeks for those that are being shipped. The offer expires when the limited quantity has been reached.

It's as sweet and simple as that!

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